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Meet your new stylist.

The quietest hairstylist you will ever meet.

Hi, I'm Kailen, AKA belowbeautyy. I am a passionate and skilled hairstylist dedicated to embracing and enhancing the beauty of curls. I strive to empower each individual to confidently care for and style their curls. Through listening to my client and attention to detail, I create transformative experiences that leave my clients feeling inspired and confident in their curl journey. I am here to celebrate the natural beauty of everyone and help you unleash your true potential. 

I eagerly wait to welcome you to the safe space that is my salon chair. 

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My Story

Born and raised in Texas, with most of my life spent in the DFW area, I come from a close-knit family. Sunday mornings are reserved for brunch at our favorite restaurant. 

While I was initially interested in becoming a third-grade teacher, my passion for hair prevailed. In a way you could say I am still a teacher, just in a different setting. I've gained most of my expertise in curly hair through my time at Dallas's first curly hair-focused salon. As a stylist I prioritize great service and education, aiming to teach and empower my clients. I am a rather silent stylist. I may be a little shy and awkward at first but don't hesitate to engage in good conversation. 

Outside the salon, I enjoy getting coffee with my sisters or finding good restaurants with my boyfriend. During the cooler months, you'll find me exploring Arbor Hills Nature Preserve or painting nearby. 

I am excited to collaborate with you and bring out the beauty and love in your hair. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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